FlightPubs 4.4 Release Continues to Revolutionize the Way Southwest, Etihad and Virgin America Manage Their Technical Publications

As the world leader in aviation content management software, TechPubs displays their ability again to revolutionize the way that airlines manage their technical publications.


FlightPubs 4.4, offers an extensive upgrade over prior releases including benefits and exclusive features that will be essential upgrades for those currently using FlightPubs to manage their technical publications.


Some of these key features will include the following:

  • Offline Data Sync for Mac and PC: TechPubs bring XML to offline with advanced data encryption
  • Side by Side Compare and Resolve: Provides the ability to see a side by side comparison between airline manual and OEM and allows user to resolve and automatically sync with airline version in TechAuthor
  • Multiple File Format Support: TechPublisher now supports all file types for viewing in TechView
  • Enhanced Compliance Reporting Functionalities:
  • Acknowledgement Tracking Information: allows users to see who has acknowledge manual and specify which manuals need to be acknowledged as well as generating a report the information


5 of the top 10 airlines in North America have selected TechPubs as their content management solution of choice.  At TechPubs, we plan our upgrades based on the feedback from our clients such as Southwest, Spirit, JetBlue and Virgin America.  Let us show you how we can increase your efficiency and provide extreme cost savings with FlightPubs 4.4.

For more information on the new release please contact rhyss.williams@techpubsglobal.com

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